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Welcome to this mystical and strange region where an exciting adventure awaits you!
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Sennta Forecast
"Hi, I'm the weather man for Sennta and I'm completely irrelevant to the plot. Nobody really cares, but right now during the winter of Sennta we're having cold winds and heavy snow on Mount Univ. Most of the region is chilly, the high being 62 in most areas, and the low being 10. Keep that in mind before sending out your grass type pokemon to play. Ahahahaha! Back to you irrelevant news woman!"


 Goldway Gym: Leader Mode

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PostSubject: Goldway Gym: Leader Mode   Goldway Gym: Leader Mode EmptySat Sep 27, 2014 1:38 am

Goldway Gym: Leader Mode Tumblr_mkrhp4iN9l1rphzx6o1_500
"Welcome, my beloved, to the Goldway Gym. Let us battle with passion and love."
Goldway Gym: Leader Mode Pbucket

Hello and welcome to Goldway Gym's shiny, beautiful gym! The two large Lucario statues standing outside stare knowingly at you as you walk into the arena like gym. Everything is golden on the inside as well, as is utterly stunning. A huge, breath taking mural painted in only shades of silvers and golds are painted all around the circumference of the arena. There are stands high in the gym so that others may watch, and no pressure, but there are often hundreds of fans there to watch the prince "perform." Two knights dressed in golden plated armor step from either side of the entrance and speak simultaneously. "Welcome to Goldway's Gym! You have proven your tremendous strength and will to have made it this far in the Sennta League! Now, you must defeat the prince himself. Leader Mode!" They announce before moving back to the walls and blending in with the mural again. It was actually quite elegant, and although it was just as overwhelming as the other Sennta gyms, it seemed to have a refined sense to it. On the other side of the arena, a man is brought out, riding an Arcanine. He is stunning, even to men, at first glance, being the gorgeous charmer he is. He smiles and winks at you, flashing a gleaming set of teeth that you can hear girl fans swoon over. "Time to duel, I suppose." He lets a rose that he is holding drift out of his hand. As he does, it somehow carries itself over to you and hooks on to your shirt. He flashes another confident smile and another swoon can be heard. This may get annoying.... "Come, let us engage in true battle." Suddenly, two spiked, gated entrances open. Two Arcanine come forth, and the one the prince was riding steps forward with them. They are growling and have an intense glare.

Huh... what? Oh, yeah. You were you listening to the Prince, right? Okay, okay, he's dreamy but wake up! To defeat this gym you must prove your strength by taking down the Arcanine with one pokemon or less (that meaning, you may find another clever way to get them to go back in their cages...). You must then, if you're still up for it, defeat his party (five of his pokemon).


Name: Mode
Gender: Male
Gym: Goldway
Specialty: Fairy
Personality: Mode is the prince of Sennta, and therefore chooses to carry himself exactly as such. He fills the typical sterio type of Prince Charming. He is very popular among young women, he is a strong trainer, and he is very handsome. Not too big of a surprise, but he is also a master coordinator, like his sister. He was invited to be part of the Elite Four, but he turned it down, deciding there was no love or passion where they were sending him. There are some people who just believe he's a drama queen, and it would be difficult to dispute that.


Rewards wrote:
Upon defeating the gym, the winner will receive The Premiere Badge and between 2500-3000 Pokedollars. If you are particularly impressive in your defeat of the gym leader, he may also give you TM 08 - Bulk Up!
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Goldway Gym: Leader Mode
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