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Welcome to this mystical and strange region where an exciting adventure awaits you!
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Sennta Forecast
"Hi, I'm the weather man for Sennta and I'm completely irrelevant to the plot. Nobody really cares, but right now during the winter of Sennta we're having cold winds and heavy snow on Mount Univ. Most of the region is chilly, the high being 62 in most areas, and the low being 10. Keep that in mind before sending out your grass type pokemon to play. Ahahahaha! Back to you irrelevant news woman!"


 Toxikyle's mod application

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Toxikyle's mod application Empty
PostSubject: Toxikyle's mod application   Toxikyle's mod application EmptySun Sep 28, 2014 11:21 am

Personal information:

- What is your first name? Kyle

- How old are you? When is your birthday? I am 14 years and 10 months old, my birthday is Nov 9

- What country do you live in? What is your timezone? I live in Canada, Eastern Standard Time

Pokemon RPG: Sennta Region information:

- Your username? Toxikyle

- Why do you want to be a moderator? I want to help this fledgling community grow

- How active are you on PR:SR? I can be on at least twice a day

- Define what it means to you to be a good moderator. Upholding and enforcing the rules of the community while being a friendly person that makes the common member feel safe

- What do you think of current moderators as a whole? I've seen several bad moderators in my time, but more often than not, mods are good people. A few bad apples don't spoil the bunch

- What qualities do you possess that would make you a good moderator? I always follow the rules if I can help it, I'm mature, trustworthy and kind, but can be harsh if necessary

- How well do you know the forum rules? How well do you know the section rules? I read them cover to cover before writing this

- What section do you want to be a moderator of? (You may list more than one, but listing many will not help your chances) I don't care what I moderate, as long as it's not an RP board. I would probably do best for the character creation boards, given my schedule

- What else do you wish to put into your application that does not fall under the above questions but you feel can help your chances? I've moderated several communities before. I can send you a list of references if you want.

Sample moderator question:

- A friend of yours approaches you in private messages to let you know that he has been posting on Sennta while banned with his [insert username] account, but will not do it anymore because he doesn't want to get in trouble. What is your reaction as a moderator?

Since he's a friend, and he admitted to doing something wrong, I tell him that I'll look the other way this once, but warn him that if one more post comes out of that account while he's banned, I'll have no choice but to ban the second account and report the issue.
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Toxikyle's mod application Empty
PostSubject: Re: Toxikyle's mod application   Toxikyle's mod application EmptySun Sep 28, 2014 11:53 am

This topic will be locked and reviewed by the administration team. You will receive a pm labeled "Stage Two" within three days if your app is accepted.

The Shiny Mew Babe That Runs Yuuma Region.
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Toxikyle's mod application
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