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 Battling & Experience System

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PostSubject: Battling & Experience System   Battling & Experience System EmptyFri Sep 26, 2014 8:39 pm


As many of you know, all Pokemon can level up, and to level up, they need to gain experience. "How do you gain experience?" you then might ask. This is a simple guide to show you.

A Pokémon battle (Japanese: ポケモンバトル Pokémon battle, ポケモンしょうぶ Pokémon fight in older content) is a form of competition between Pokémon. In these battles, one or more of the Pokémon is typically owned and trained by a person, its Pokémon Trainer, in order to win. In roleplay, an author posts as their character and their pokemon, including actions and dialogue. Remember to not god mod. You must always leave your post "open ended," meaning you may not state what affects your actions have on your opponent, NPC or otherwise. If ant form of god modding is seen by a moderator or admin, you will be punished accordingly (the moderator may just cause your pokemon to faint, if they should've been taking damage and you were playing Mr. Invincible).

Example of Battle Posts:

User 1: It was nearing the end for her Chimchar, but Ria wasn't going to give up yet. She stared at her poor fire lizard for a moment before throwing a fist in the air and smiling across at her opponent. "Let's go, Charizard! I know you can do it!" She cheered. Her Charizard suddenly pushed itself up and let out a roar into the air. "I'm ready!" She growled. Ria nodded in agreement. "Let's go, Flamethrower!" She called. The female Charizard nodded before puffing up her cheeks and blasting a large output of scorching flames from her mouth swirling directly at her opponent.

User 2: It was incredible, the amount of power her opponent had summoned up, even after being so brutally knocked around. She had been smirking confidently when she realized all her hits were landing, but it was wiped off her face when she saw the enemy Charizard rise again. "Still want more-" She began but was cut off by the Charizard's large Flamethrower. It hit her Machamp and he was in turn sent flying back a couple feet, his body badly burned. She couldn't believe it. She let her guard down for one second. "Hurry Machamp, on the defense!" She ordered. the Machamp groaned but sat up and got in the best defensive stance he could.

All wild Pokemon and Gym Leaders are played by Moderators/Admins. They are the ones who decide what appears for you, and when. You don't get to choose which wild Pokemon appears, or which Pokemon the Gym Leader uses next. If you have been Role Playing with a non-moderator partner, and find yourself in need of a new encounter, just request a moderator's assistance by posting in the "Mod Me" section, or contacting one of the staff members via Chat Box or PM.

As of now, fainted (wild) pokemon may be caught.

Experience System

The amount of experience (Japanese: けいけんち) an individual Pokémon has is an indication of how much it has battled. In roleplay, it is quantified as experience points, which a Pokémon can gain in battle by defeating an opponent without fainting first. After a certain amount of experience points have been gained, a Pokémon will grow a level, with each subsequent level requiring more experience to gain, all the way up to level 100, where a Pokémon will no longer gain experience.

As of now, when battling, the amount of experience a fainted pokemon gives its victor is equal to its level. For example, if a level 4 Wurmple was defeated, it would give 4 exp. to the pokemon that defeated it. If more than one pokemon battled the Wurmple, than the exp. can be divided equally as possible. If it's an odd number, the bigger amount will be given to the pokemon who delivered the final blow. If you defeat a pokemon, and then capture it, you will gain no experience.

-Level 5 pokemon gives you 5 experience
-Caught pokemon give no experience
-Experience is divided equally
-If odd, it is given to the Pokemon who finished it off

When training, the amount of experience a pokemon gains is based off the word count of the author. For every 15 words, 1 experience is gained for the pokemon.

Example wrote:
Misty let out Starmy from his pokeball. He let out a cheery cry and stood proud in front of his trainer. He spun around a couple times before Misty told him to reel it in and calm down. He spun back and stood in front of her once more. She chuckled and patted one of his spikes. "Alright, let's get to work!" She winked. "First, we're gonna do some conditioning! Let's swim!" She shouted before diving into the pool beside her. She sunk into the waters, as did Starmy as he followed her, and they both tore through the bright blue space. She spun around at the other end of the pool, came up for a short breath, and then disappeared under again. Starmy was struggling to keep up, but he somehow was able to spin through, tap the wall, and then start rapidly spinning quicker to catch up with Misty.

Suddenly, a jet of bubbles zoomed past Misty, and she stopped in her tracks. It was her Starmy! "Woah!" She gasped, and only then did she remember she was underwater. She splashed to the surface and let out a sigh as she realized Starmy was already back on the other side of the pool and spinning around wildly. Misty sunk back under and giggled to herself. Speed, check!

That entry is approximately 219 words. 219/15 = Starmy gained 14 exp.

Now, to apply that experience to your pokemon, you have to pay attention to their level. To level up, a pokemon must first gain experience equal to their level. So, if Starmy was level 4, and gained 4 experience, he would be level 5 now. If he was level 5, and gained 10 experience, he would go to level 6 and have 5 experience left over. You don't have to worry too much about math; that's what the moderators are here for.

-15 words: 1 exp.
-Current level # = Experience # required to level up
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Battling & Experience System
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