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This Is Me

Name: Lee Akatsuki

Gender: Male

Age: 26

Ethnicity: Sinnoh
-Hometown: Eterna

Class: Trainer


Looks: Slightly unkept jet black hair that only descends to his middle neck and parted bangs occasionally tucked behind his ears cover his head. However, the left bang does come a bit shorter than the other and can prove to be very irritating at times. His eyes are painted a somewhat sinister grey, that can sometimes give off a blue glint that warns strangers of his danger, however this can be confused and lost in a welcoming smile. He has a mouth full of pearly white teeth, and slightly sharpened fangs.

Pale and smooth in nature, Lee's skin is a natural tan. In his active seasons he will be even darker in nature, obviously due to being in the sun longer. He actually appears to be rather simple and non-threatening at first glance. He has particularly skinny arms and long, thin legs to match. He has been working out as of late, so he has gained some more muscle in his biceps, but not enough to appear threatening to a passerby. He has become more toned after preparing for his pokemon adventure, so he appears more muscly now, however, and he actually is quite proud of developing abs. His feet are small as are his hands. Really, the only thing that may seem threatening, as stated above, is his sharp eyes and eyebrows that can give penetrating glares at times. Lionus has a slightly toned abdomen and thighs. Most of his abilities come from his speed and accuracy anyway, so working out has never been in the forefront of activities to partake in.

Lee's attire mainly consists of simple outfits he considers fashionable enough. He'll often wear over sized sweaters and jeans while out and around. His favorite colors are shades of grey and purple. When it gets hot he loves just throwing on a pair of light denim overalls and his sandals. He'll throw on a bucket hat just to emphasize the style. It gets very hot in Sennta in the summer, and it rains a lot, so he's heard, but he likes to feel the drops on his skin. The young man loves lots of pockets as well, sewing several into his clothes (especially the overalls). He will never be without a pack of cigarettes, either. Lee is very content and proud of this style because it is, for the most part, simple as well as comfortable. It also helps him develop friendships based on his character, and not on fancy clothing or weapons he carries.


Battle Style: Lee's fighting style is one that people might recognize as almost relaxed. He never gets overworked nor does he let his emotions rule over the decisions he makes. Once he begins a battle, he only sees her opponent as prey that he must eliminate. He treats battle as a very necessary part of being a trainer, and as a formal matter, and usually spews something before actually beginning. Lee believes battle, death, and war are all very necessary towards a better world, so he also realizes that battle is not special, nor are his opponents. They're just like every other trainer he would engage; they are going to take you down if you do not take them down first. With that thought in mind, Lee realizes that he'd much rather not get worked up over something as trivial as a fight, even if he is very formal in his efforts. He's a calm and relaxed fighter. Condescension and lectures are not always a part of his fighting style, but whether he plans the speeches exactly or not, they are sometimes there.

The young trainer is calm and comfortable in battle. His muscles are loose but prepared to leap at any sudden threat, though his body is at ease and his expression is nonchalant, as are his pokemon. A fight to Lee is just another way for him to show off his precision and his pokemon's strength, and a way to convince himself that he is one more step closer to reaching his goal of defeating the Sennta League. It doesn't mean he'll go easy, by all means no. But it does add to his confidence and settle arrogance (if that's possible).

He will typically aim to end fights quickly and efficiently. An important rule that he had learned when he was first establishing himself as a trainer is to go for easy victories. There is no glory in dying needlessly after all. So Lee trains his pokemon to strike important areas of their opponent such as the femoral or brachial arteries. He does not want to extend battles by avoiding lethal blows. Instead, he will navigate his partners to dive under their opponent's guard and inflict damaging blows. Again, just to reiterate, he tries to end battles quickly. Although his pokemon will have pretty well-trained endurance level, they nonetheless can get tired if the battle drags on for too long, obviously. However, most experienced fighters aren’t that easy to pick off, so Lee will change his tactics to more defensive if that is the case.

Personality: Lee is well-respected and highly honorable, and always treats those around him with respect, even those who are weaker or younger than he is. As a result, he can be easily approached by others who seek favors or advice from the man. Due to his high moral code, Lee will never let any harm come to either his underlings or those who attempt to protect them. He refuses to give up when he believes something is wrong and will break a rule to do what is right. He is also quite perceptive, and has the ability to correctly judge people's character, and knows when they are lonely, as noted by his mother while Lee was still in adolescence.

Lee has on occasion given people strange or unwanted gifts for no apparent reason, particularly people who stick out to him in new settings or are welcoming. Lee cries alot, but he would deny it if you asked him, contrasting his normally truthful to a fault personality. Not because he's easily offended, or because he's so sad, but because he gets over excited. Often when he sees something of "particular beauty," she gets so happy he starts crying. Many times it's over food.

Lee's favorite food is ohagi. Lee is very selective when it comes to food, but only when other people see him. When he is alone, he may eat anything that comes to mind, but around others he may act more refined in his tastes and food selection. He is also a rather good cook himself, having expressed great interest in the matter since he sees it as similar thing to the magic of pokemon. Lee loves cooking, even growing past it just being an amateur hobby, but instead something he (seldom, but none-the-less) takes commissions for. Lee absolutely hates anything concerning political things or paperwork in general as he finds these topics incredibly boring and conceived in ignorance anyways.

In his free time he feeds the Magikarp in the pond by his home's garden and also trims the bonsai there, despite lacking the artistic sense necessary for the latter. He used to write a novel series in the Sinnoh Communication magazine titled "Journey: Magikarp's Struggles!", in which the lead character, a cursed human who turns into a Magikarp whenever water hits her, named Kimmi, fights evil and saves innocent villagers. Kimmi's catchphrase is "No way, mister!" and is hugely popular among the children in Pastoria. The serial is frequently on hiatus, but when it is in the magazine, it ranks in the top three features.

Lee could almost be called a genius in his knowledge of farming and botany. Scientifically, Lee is actually pretty accomplished in most branches. The branches include most of the exact sciences such as astronomy, maths, human biology, and botany due to his extensive practices as a farmer and student.

On the opposite side of Lee's personality, Lee is a "humbly" self-proclaimed pervert with no equal and a frequent voyeur. He never makes a serious attempt to hide his perversion, as displayed when the first thing he comments on when he meets a woman is how big her breasts are (these comments typically come from his indifference to normal human speech and behavior *as opposed to obnoxiousness or immaturity). Typically, woman with small boobs that challenge him receive no mercy, while the opposite may be given a fighting chance. Despite his pervy actions at most times, Lee really does treat women with the utmost respect and sometimes even refers to them as "the goddesses that shape society."

Aside from his perverted side, Lee is actually a cool and collected individual. Lee acts in an aristocratic manner, despite his humble upbringing. He always seems serene and apathetic towards other people (especially men), even while actually deeply conflicted, although he is actually just being respectful, listening and observing his surroundings. His masculinity is often intimidating when first meeting him, although it is easily overlooked by his kind heart. Jack strongly believes in law and order, never finding the ability to hold back against a law breaker or someone who feels the rules don't apply to them.

Lee is popular among the females of Sinnoh, even appearing shirtless in a sexy photo shoot for the Women of Sinnoh magazine. If it wasn't made obvious before, Lee loves receiving the attention of women. Lee can be found watching porn or reading manga in his free time, as well. Lee believes his greatest traits are his large manhood and how he excels in communicating with pokemon.

He refuses to fight with a child or even in the presence of a child, even if that child is an enemy or serious threat.

•Planting and harvesting
•Sound of rain/water running
•Cooking and learning about new spices
•Blowjobs (wary)
•Fire Type Pokemon

5 Dislikes:
•Stale food/waste
•Unfair circumstances/people
•Bug Type Pokemon
•Girls (especially those with big boobs)
•Loud noises/pokemon/people (noise in general)



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