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Welcome to this mystical and strange region where an exciting adventure awaits you!
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Sennta Forecast
"Hi, I'm the weather man for Sennta and I'm completely irrelevant to the plot. Nobody really cares, but right now during the winter of Sennta we're having cold winds and heavy snow on Mount Univ. Most of the region is chilly, the high being 62 in most areas, and the low being 10. Keep that in mind before sending out your grass type pokemon to play. Ahahahaha! Back to you irrelevant news woman!"


 Urran City Gym: Leader Anne

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PostSubject: Urran City Gym: Leader Anne   Urran City Gym: Leader Anne EmptySat Sep 27, 2014 12:46 am

Urran City Gym: Leader Anne Tumblr_mybvhlSIfr1slv16xo1_500
"I don't really know about you, but a dip in the pool sounds really good!"
Urran City Gym: Leader Anne Pbucket

Hello and welcome to Urran City's cool gym. When you enter the gym you are in an all steel room with no windows or doors or exits. There's simply a red 'X' painted in blue in the middle of the dimly lit room. When you stand on the 'X' the door which you cam through slides shut with a [BANG] and suddenly holes appear on all four walls of the room. Water starts rapidly pouring through and in a panic you may start to scream for help or try to exit, but the door is suddenly gone. The room fills to the very top and you have to hold your breath, wondering what this crazy gym is about. Then, suddenly the floor gives out and you're falling with over 500 galons of water towards some sort of blue ground. It soon becomes apparent that it's a body of water and you have arrived when you splash into the pool waiting for you. This water is different. It's a light, light blue but it's extremely heavy. And... you can breathe! When you look around you are now on the ground of this mysterious "sea" and there are four capsules. A Poliwag greets you with a smile. "If you want to battle Anne, you have to chose the correct capsule! If not, one of our challenges will come forth to take you on! Don't worry, your pokemon are perfectly safe here as well! Good luck!" And then it swims away as if you aren't submerged twenty feet under water and perfectly functioning. You really hit rock bottom now...

To defeat this gym you must chose the correct capsule and reveal Anne, who will in turn challenge you to a pokemon battle. You must defeat her pokemon team (three of her pokemon).


Name: Anne
Gender: Female
Gym: Urran City
Specialty: Water
Personality: Anne is a strong-willed feminist with a passion for water type pokemon. She only aspires to establish equality among her city citizens and hopes to one day be as influential to the people of Sennta as her mother was for her. Anne may come off as strict but inside she really is easy going and kind. Just don't get on her bad side.


Rewards wrote:
Upon defeating the gym, the winner will receive The Sink Badge and between 1700-2100 Pokedollars. If you are particularly impressive in your defeat of the gym leader, she may also give you TM 55 - Scald!
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Urran City Gym: Leader Anne
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