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Welcome to this mystical and strange region where an exciting adventure awaits you!
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Sennta Forecast
"Hi, I'm the weather man for Sennta and I'm completely irrelevant to the plot. Nobody really cares, but right now during the winter of Sennta we're having cold winds and heavy snow on Mount Univ. Most of the region is chilly, the high being 62 in most areas, and the low being 10. Keep that in mind before sending out your grass type pokemon to play. Ahahahaha! Back to you irrelevant news woman!"

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 Obo Town Gym: Leader Obo

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PostSubject: Obo Town Gym: Leader Obo   Sat Sep 27, 2014 12:33 am

"Behold the great Obo! Bow before me! Beg for mercy! For I am always the winner!"

Hello and welcome to Obo Town's open gym. Another loner it seems, but the air around here is different. The large mansion-like establishment's doors opens for you almost as soon as you enter the town, so they'll be open upon walking up the steps to the place. As you walk inside, the gym is made up of several constantly moving and beeping machines. Robots and any sort of machine you can think of are speeding by and rushing to clean and keep the gym nice. As they finish their scramble, three robots stand in front of you and speak in unison in complete monotone. "Welcome, challenger! To defeat this gym you must first defeat us. Only then may you face the almighty, ultimate, chivalrous, beautiful, stunning, talented, strong, imaginative, amazing, inspiring, gorgeous.." and on and on and on they went with descriptive adjectives of their glorious king until it finally stops and you have to thank Arceus above. "...ruler, and gym leader, Obo! We will now begin! Make your way to the battle stage!" The 'battle stage' is separated from where you are by a large red rectangle in the middle of the floor. The robots all head over to the opposite side and the first one stands ready with a pokeball that falls into his hand from some compartment in his arm. "Good luck." They all state at once again, and that's the last thing they'll say.

You heard the robots! To defeat this gym you must defeat all three robot challengers and then defeat the Leader Obo by taking down his party (three of his pokemon).


Name: Obo
Gender: Male
Gym: Obo Town
Specialty: Steel/Electric
Personality: Obo is actually only a kid. Nobody really understands what he goes through being in Obo Town all by himself, but after he was kicked out of Shape City for making an invention that is forbidden by law to even speak of, Obo has always devoted his life to building things. That's why at only fifteen years old now he has created and established his own mansion and has become a certified gym leader. He doesn't want to give any credit to his dad, Dr. Box, but most say he's a child protegee because of his father's teachings. Obo just likes to stay positive, and with that negative energy of beign alone he created several robots to accompany him and refer to him as master. He also made his gym ridiculously complicated in design (mimicry of his father if you ask us).


Rewards wrote:
Upon defeating the gym, the winner will receive The Obo Badge and between 1600-2000 Pokedollars. If you are particularly impressive in your defeat of the gym leader, he may also give you TM 24 - Thunderbolt!
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PostSubject: Re: Obo Town Gym: Leader Obo   Sat Sep 27, 2014 12:37 am

Obo will treat his coordinators a tad different, approaching them and simply shouting "Dazzle me with your shocking moves!" before sitting in his throne-like mechanical chair with crossed arms. You heard the man. Prove yourself worthy of the ribbon!

Registration Form:

Name: (name)
Age: (age)
Pokemon Participating: (one only)
Pokemon Level: (pokemon level)
Ribbons Won: (how many ribbons do you already have)

Registration Form:

[b]Name:[/b] (name)
[b]Age:[/b] (age)
[b]Pokemon Participating:[/b] (one only)
[b]Pokemon Level:[/b] (pokemon level)
[b]Ribbons Won:[/b] (how many ribbons do you already have)
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Obo Town Gym: Leader Obo
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