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Welcome to this mystical and strange region where an exciting adventure awaits you!
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Sennta Forecast
"Hi, I'm the weather man for Sennta and I'm completely irrelevant to the plot. Nobody really cares, but right now during the winter of Sennta we're having cold winds and heavy snow on Mount Univ. Most of the region is chilly, the high being 62 in most areas, and the low being 10. Keep that in mind before sending out your grass type pokemon to play. Ahahahaha! Back to you irrelevant news woman!"


 Newbridge City Contest Registration

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Newbridge City Contest Registration Empty
PostSubject: Newbridge City Contest Registration   Newbridge City Contest Registration EmptySat Sep 27, 2014 12:25 am

Newbridge City Contest Registration Tumblr_m0xstssYMw1r9n5tuo1_500
Newbridge City Contest Registration Shockribbon

The Newbridge City Contest Hall is a beautiful place. The inside is decorated with plenty of murals of fire pokemon blazing through tough battles and throwing off beautiful sparks. Pictures of previous winners, and now celebrities, are framed and high on the red walls. The whole place is kept warm for the judges who like to be plenty heated before entering the contest room! There are two judges for this contest, lovebirds and fire pokemon enthusiasts, Fuega and Firren. They are madly in love with a relationship that burns hot for each other. Fuega may give you a few too many details about their life at home... but beside that, they're both an adorable couple!

Welcome to the Contest Registration for Newbridge City Contest Hall! We love participants who can dazzle us with their cool and beautiful moves. We like explosive performances with a touch of star power. Prove to us you are here to burn the competition and show off your inner flame!!


Registration Form:

Name: (name)
Age: (age)
Pokemon Participating: (one only)
Pokemon Level: (pokemon level)
Ribbons Won: (how many ribbons do you already have)

[color=#FF0000][b]Registration Form:[/b]

[b]Name:[/b] (name)
[b]Age:[/b] (age)
[b]Pokemon Participating:[/b] (one only)
[b]Pokemon Level:[/b] (pokemon level)
[b]Ribbons Won:[/b] (how many ribbons do you already have)[/color]

*Note: Post your registration form with your IC post entering the Newbridge City Contest. Good luck, coordinator!
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Newbridge City Contest Registration
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