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 Pokemon Daycare Center Breeding Rules/Guidelines

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PostSubject: Pokemon Daycare Center Breeding Rules/Guidelines   Fri Sep 26, 2014 9:16 pm

Pokemon Daycare Rules/Guidelines

Here are the official Daycare Breeding rules! Following these will make for a simple and easy, and much more enjoyable, experience for you and your pokemon.

1. As of now, the only way to obtain a pokemon egg is by breeding it in a topic (tagged with [breeding]). To breed pokemon, first you must get two pokemon of opposite gender together and get them to get along. If they agree to do so, then they will make babies. This takes 8 posts in one topic (can be split between to characters if necessary). Also to breed a pokemon, a "Pokemon Breeder" character must also be present. Whether it be the owner of the pokemon, or just a helper, he/she must be there to help. All breeding must be done in the "Daycare Center" IC (in character).

2. A mod will then present your egg to you when the breeding topic is approved. They will give you the basic information on the egg and then it will be added to the Pokemon Daycare Shop Pick-Up (a pokemon may also have multiple eggs at once, so watch out).

3. All eggs take 7 IC posts to hatch, or 4000 words. It must be in the character's party (in other words, it cannot be in your PC during any of these posts). Once you have completed the amount of posts necessary, pm a mod and they will allow your egg to hatch in whatever topic it is.

4. Newly hatched pokemon, otherwise known as "level 1" pokemon may not engage in battle, by Sennta law. The pokemon will immediately be taken away from you and you will be put into our adoption center. However, a level 1 pokemon, of course, may train to reach higher levels.

5. All Pokemon hatch at level 1.

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PostSubject: Re: Pokemon Daycare Center Breeding Rules/Guidelines   Fri Sep 26, 2014 9:16 pm

Breeding Technicalities

These are very important for anybody looking to breed a pokemon to know. We insist you read through these before agreeing to breed your pokemon, as many things could happen that you did not prepare for.

1. The species of the Pokemon can be either the mother or the father, but the more common of the two might show up more often. The moves can be inherited from the father.

2. Pokemon may breed if they are in the same group and are somewhat near each others' size. The two Pokemons' height can be no more than 2 feet of each other in either direction (so 4 foot and 6 foot is okay but no 1 foot and 6 foot or 6 foot and 21 foot). No Wurmple will survive being mounted by a Wailord so don't even try it.

3. The cost to breed is 1000 pokedollars per pokemon (so 2000 pokedollars). This can be raised if the Daycare is in demand. Characters of the Breeder profession may breed two of their own Pokemon for free. If a Breeder breeds their Pokemon with a Trainer's or Coordinator's Pokemon, a breeding fee must still be paid by the trainers.

4. Please check that you have the item required for breeding if you want a certain egg. For example, if you want a certain gender egg you'll need an Easter Lily. You need to have obtained these items before breeding begins and have stated that you're using them in topic.

5. Pre-made Pokemon (ones not caught from the wild) may not breed.

6. Staff has the right to guarantee a stillborn egg if you do not follow rules or are rude/impatient about your breeding process. Also, an egg may have a gazillion and one defects, or one, or none, so do not come complaining to us when you get a dustox with no wings or something.
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Pokemon Daycare Center Breeding Rules/Guidelines
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